The Latest Technology for the Right Outcomes

technologyHeart care has come a long way in the past few decades. Advances in health care and technology have brought us new diagnostic tools, more effective medicines, minimally invasive treatment techniques, streamlined artificial heart valves and more.

Pulse Heart Institute offers our patients access to the latest technology available to diagnose and treat heart conditions, including:

Dedicated cardiac and vascular operating suites: These operating suites at Tacoma General Hospital and Deaconess Hospital provide our surgeons with all  the specialized equipment they need when heart or vascular surgery are required.

Digital cardiac catheterization labs: Our state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization labs in Auburn, Puyallup, Spokane and Tacoma allow us to both diagnose and treat a number of heart-related illnesses using same-day procedures and minimally invasive techniques.

Nuclear cardiology testing: This imaging technique utilizes a very small amount of radioactive tracer and an extremely sensitive gamma camera to help to identify coronary heart disease, the severity of prior heart attacks, and the risk of future heart attacks. These highly accurate measurements of heart size and function and amount of heart muscle at risk of damage enable cardiologists to better prescribe medications and optimize treatment outcomes.

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The first step in addressing your concerns is to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. They have the expertise you need to evaluate, diagnose and recommend the right treatment for you.

To schedule an appointment, or refer a patient, please call our referral line at 253-572-7320 (Puget Sound Region) or 509-755-5500 (Inland Northwest Region).