Finding New Solutions for Heart Health

researchIt is not enough for us to provide our patients with the most sophisticated and effective cardiovascular treatments and technology available today. At Pulse Heart Institute, we are driven to be at the forefront of the research being done in our fields — to play a key role in continually advancing cardiovascular medicine into the future.

Many of our specialists have been on the forefront of cardiothoracic research for years. For example, cardiothoracic surgeons Allen Graeve, MD, and Dennis Nichols, MD, were among the first to join the ProAct On-X heart valve low-dose anticoagulation trial, a multi-year study to determine if using on-X valves can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for Coumadin. Since the study began in 2005, 225 participants enrolled locally and we implanted more On-X valves than any hospital in the state.

The On-X valve’s lower dosage requirement was approved by the FDA in April 2015.

Pulse Heart Institute's research is coordinated through our partnership with the MultiCare Institute of Research & Innovation. Read more about our cardiovascular research.