Expert Treatment for Vascular Conditions

vascularPulse Heart Institute offers the latest treatments for diseases that affect the peripheral vascular system — the arteries and veins outside the immediate area of the heart and lungs.

How We Help

Our services include:

Diagnostic Screening and Testing: Using the latest medical technology and diagnostic tools, we can provide you with a diagnosis for your symptoms and create a treatment plan for you.

Surgery for Peripheral Vascular Conditions: We perform a wide range of procedures to treat your condition, including carotid endarterectomy and stenting; endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repair; bypass grafts; dialysis access; vena cava filters; thrombolytic therapy; and transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR).

Surgery for Varicose Veins: Veins contain one-way valves to keep blood flowing correctly. If these valves malfunction, the vessels become engorged with blood and form varicose or spider veins. The problem is more than cosmetic; these abnormal veins can cause swelling, pain or other symptoms and lead to more severe disorders. Surgery options include:

  • Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT): This procedure uses a small laser, which is inserted into the affected vein through a needle. Pulses of laser energy delivered inside the vein cause it to collapse and shut.
  • The Closure® Procedure: This procedure uses a catheter inserted into the damaged vein that delivers radio frequency energy to the vein wall. This heats the vein, collapsing and sealing it.
  • Traditional Surgeries: Other surgical options for varicose and spider veins include ligation, in which the vein is tied off, surgically removing of the entire length of vein; and removal through a series of tiny incisions (phlebectomy).

Schedule an Appointment

Our vascular services are available at three locations. To schedule an appointment, or refer a patient, call the location nearest you:

Auburn: 253-545-5860

Puyallup: 253-697-3200

Tacoma: 253-403-8410

Inland Northwest Region: 509-755-5500