Destination Therapy for Heart Patients

VAD imageVentricular Assist Devices (VADs) are mechanical pumps designed to take over the function of the heart, and are utilized when the heart is too weak to pump blood sufficiently in the critically ill patient.

The duration of this support, referred to as a “bridge,” is specific to each patient. The pumps are typically used for those awaiting a donor heart, “bridge to transplantation”; or those who need temporary support until they can recuperate from a damaging heart attack, “bridge to recovery.”

While these advanced therapies have been available here for some time, we continue to be a leader when it comes to new techniques. In the last few years, we developed a new, specialized program to offer VADs as a long-term alternative for people with severe heart failure who may not be candidates for a heart transplant. For these patients, VADs may help them live longer, better lives. 

Started at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital several years ago, Pulse Heart Institute’s program was the first non-transplant center west of the Mississippi to offer destination VAD therapy.

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