Women's Heart Wellness Clinic

women walking masks 102020Welcome to the Women’s Heart Wellness Clinic

Your provider has referred you to this clinic to have a comprehensive assessment of your heart/cardiac risk as well as a determination of the next steps to lower your risk. You will spend time with the RN and a Provider discussing your risk and developing a plan for things that can improve your health. The areas of discussion may include:

  • blood pressure
  • physical activity
  • food choices
  • lifestyle choices that could impact your health
  • adjustment of medications

During this visit or at a separate appointment you will have the opportunity schedule an In-body percent body fat measurement. The In Body Measurement with Registered Nurse includes weight, BMI, % body fat, and waist measurement. There will be a follow-up in about a month to help you solidify your goals.

You will have some lab work completed prior to your visit with the provider. Possible Tests: labs (CBC, CMP, Lipid panel, HbA1c) and Calcium Score (imaging test) Little changes can make a substantial difference.

Our trained staff will help you to know your numbers and increase your knowledge and ability to manage your health.

Contact Us

Julie Boespflug RN, Nurse Navigator for Women and Heart Disease

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