Virtual Visits

Pulse Heart Institute is now offering virtual visits to appropriate patients for all its specialty services. These visits can be done via a smart phone, tablet or personal computer.

We realize that cardiac consults and follow ups are often very information-dense, and having a family member present can be helpful. At the patient’s request, we’re able to invite a family member or caregiver to participate in these virtual visits as well, even if they’re not in the same location as the patient.

Virtual visit appointments may be requested via MyChart, or by calling any of the specialty services at the numbers below.

Vascular Surgery

  • Auburn: 253-545-5860
  • Puyallup: 253-697-3200
  • Tacoma: 253-403-8410
  • Inland Northwest: 509-755-5500

Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • Puget Sound: 253-403-7257
  • Inland Northwest: 509-755-5500


  • Puget Sound: 253-572-7320
  • Inland Northwest: 509-755-5500


  • Puget Sound: 253-396-4825
  • Inland Northwest: 509-755-5500

Heart Failure

  • Puyallup: 253-697-2539
  • Tacoma: 253-301-5370
  • Inland Northwest: 509-755-5500

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Auburn: 253-545-2559
  • Gig Harbor: 253-403-1058
  • Tacoma: 253-403-1058
  • Inland Northwest: 509-473-7901