Give to Pulse

We refer to our hearts when we speak about love and caring. But in day-to-day life, we often don't think about our hearts until we, or someone we love, becomes a cardiovascular patient.

Today, the need for philanthropic investment is greater than ever as we strive to provide exceptional care and advance scientific knowledge to improve patient outcomes. Donors like you remain an essential partner in our mission and make a real difference in the quality of life for our community. Many of our most loyal donors are driven by a sense of gratitude, stemming from the care they or a loved one received as Pulse Health Institute patients. 

We invite you to consider giving a gift to help save lives and support better heart health for our community through one of our areas of impact.

Give to Pulse

If you have a reason to be grateful – for yourself or for someone you love – we invite you to support Pulse Heart Institute. Your gifts make Pulse Health Institute’s vision to be a best-in-class health organization for cardiac, thoracic and vascular care possible. Because of you, patients in our community can experience an advanced state-of-the-art program that delivers better outcomes and significantly improves access to care.

Together we can help give people their best life.

Invest in Program Innovation

Heart care has come a long way in the past few decades. Advances in care and technology have brought us new diagnostic tools, more effective medicines, minimally invasive treatment techniques, and more. Your investment can help bring these new innovations and next generation treatments to our communities — resulting in interventions that are less invasive and less costly, with fewer side effects and better outcomes.

Invest in Education

The best care begins with the best people. Philanthropic support for education and training of our clinical staff helps advance excellence across the healthcare continuum. From scholarships, specialty certifications, and opportunities to attend professional conferences, you can help our care providers to stay at the top of their field and on the cutting edge of cardiovascular medicine. Your investment in education helps Pulse Heart Institute attract, train and retain the very best care team to take care of our patients.

Invest in Community Heart Health

Heart disease is a serious problem in the United States and is the second leading cause of death in Washington State. Research shows that health inequities disproportionally affect the heart health of some communities, including those of color, rural communities and low income. You can help improve outcomes for our patients by supporting our Community Impact Fund, which helps us meet individual needs for food assistance, transportation for appointments, help with medical copays or utilities, among other things; or by addressing social and environmental needs of targeted populations in prevention, early detection, as well as, managing cardiovascular disease progression and reoccurrence. Together, we can address these inequities and improve the health outcomes of all our patients.

Invest in Research

It is not enough for us to provide our patients with the most sophisticated and effective cardiovascular treatments available today. At Pulse Heart Institute, we are driven to be at the forefront of the research being done in our fields — providing earlier access to emerging therapies for our patients and playing a key role in continually advancing cardiovascular medicine. Coordinated in partnership with MultiCare’s Institute for Research and Innovation (MIRI), your support of Pulse Heart Institute's research can help fuel the next generation of simpler, safer care and shorten recovery times for cardiac care patients.