May 10, 2021

MultiCare's Pulse Heart Institute Now Offering Noninvasive HeartFlow Testing

Pulse Heart Institute is the first and only center in the Pacific Northwest to offer CT FFR, otherwise known as HeartFlow ® FFRCT Analysis, a noninvasive, personalized cardiac test that will bring more clarity for patients with stable chest pain.

This is the first technology that uses standard coronary CTA scans to provide specific insights into both the extent of an arterial blockage and the impact that the blockage has on blood flow to the heart. With HeartFlow, existing data from a patient’s cardiac CT scan is used to create a 3D model of blood flow through the vessels in the heart. That model enables Pulse cardiologists to determine if blockages in the blood vessels are causing symptoms and whether a stent is required – without additional testing.

Until now, patients with suspected coronary artery disease often received uncertain results or were faced with more invasive testing options. HeartFlow can potentially help eliminate a patient’s trip to the cardiac catheterization lab for a more invasive test – saving them time, money and exposure to radiation.

Dr. Ahmad Slim, Pulse cardiologist, states, “We can take a patient’s cardiac CT images, reanalyze them and create a 3D model. That 3D model will tell us if a patient’s lesion is obstructed or not. Pulse is the only location in the Northwest to offer HeartFlow testing, and we are happy to support any patients across the state of Washington. We are excited to see the value that this advanced technology will bring to our patients.”

To learn more about HeartFlow or to refer a patient, please contact Pulse Heart Institute at 253-572-7320.

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